Cutest Little Dump Truck by Doolang Design

The original dump truck was pretty worn out. I couldn't get it over 25 miles an hour all the way home. But the price was right so we persisted. Once we got it home and tuned up we put it straight into service as a makeshift logging truck. Once the logging as done we decided to fix it up. I designed and built this almost entirely by myself.

If you look you can see the sun shining through the numerous large holes in the deck, many dents, patch plates. The inset shows its use as a logging truck, the logs are 17 feet long and over 30" in diameter.

After chopping off 500 lbs of rusted mangled steel that was later recycled for a penny a pound, it was still heavily rusted and mangled. But I straightened it out as best as I could.

I put in channel all the way around making it much stronger than the thin gauge skin covering it earlier. Now it can take a pretty direct hit with the bulldozer. I also added more substantial wings to support the cab protector backdrop.

With the new 1/8" decking in place, I built the removable sides and tailgate. And after much grinding, sanding, scrubbing and priming I was ready to paint.

Finally I was done. This cute little dump truck is still running strong and has since literally moved a mountain and part of the one it is sitting on.

The sides are easily removed when a flatbed is needed.