Websites by Doolang Design

I began creating web sites in 1994, back when the internet was text only. I have followed its forward progression keeping up with the latest advancements. On most of these sites I have most if not all of graphics and logos, often the copy and sometimes the photography. Most of the time I work with people who have little to no idea of what they want. By getting people to explain their business to me, I can then turn around and educate them as to the possibilities and options available through the internet. I am equally capable of working with people who know exactly what they want, but need me to create it.

My Pet Emergency Center website created by Doolang Design

My Pet Emergency Center

My Pet Emergency Center is an after hours emergency clinic for pets located in Mt. Vernon, Washington. I helped them choose a domain name, secured the registration, created the logo, acquired all the cute pet pictures used throughout the site and assisted in helping them determine the best layout.

My Pet Emergency Center website created by Doolang Design

Poco a Poco Film

In the Western Highlands of Guatemala there is a group of campesinos who have banded together to form a co-op and take over a 1000 acre plantation. This is the story of the beautiful people and their struggles to rise to viability, in a world determined to keep them down. I collaborated with the filmmakers over the internet from various internet hot spots in Guatemala. This site is largely presented in Flash, and has many elaborate effects in it. It was a true collaboration with each of us contributing our insights and creativity to the whole. It was one of the funner web sites I have ever done.

My Pet Emergency Center website created by Doolang Design

Alice’s Restaurant

Alice's Restaurant in Tenino, WA is an exceptional dining experience. Gourmet food in a country atmosphere, and their peanut soup is outstanding. Alice’s came to Doolang Design for a fresh enticing look. The existing Flash animation they had on their site took a long time to download. I replaced it with a faster more interesting one. Compare the new look with the original site which you can see here. Which makes you hungrier?

Artis Living website created by Doolang Design

Artis Living

Artis Living is a burgeoning project I am deeply involved in. At this juncture every aspect of the site is my creation, including the photography. As it grows over the coming year it should incorporate the collaboration of many.

website created by Doolang Design

Porter & Porter Inc.

When your customer service drops you lose clients. If you have people on the front lines of your business dealing with the public, you might want to have a talk with Porter & Porter, Inc. We helped Porter & Porter Inc. with the promotional aspects of their business consultation work. We did the design and layout with collaboration on the copy. Doolang Design also designed and had printed postcards, business cards, to help them promote their all New Customer Service Boot Camp.

website created by Doolang Design

Servicio Superior

That's Spanish for "Excellent Customer Service". This site I redid in spanish with the provided translation. It's the south of the border extension of Customer Service Bootcamp. The logos and graphics, were all modified converted too, to match the different nature of the region.

NST (Neurostructural Integration Technique) website created by Doolang Design

Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST)

NST is an amazing body-work technique that I recommend you avail yourself of if you are in pain. Nichol is a fantastic Bowen/NST therapist, and quite a nice person to boot. The site design and copy were done collaboratively with the practitioner.

website created by Doolang Design

Aurora Astro

Aurora Astro is an e-commerce site dedicated to astronomers and star gazers. They have everything you might need. I helped the owner initially set up this site and taught him how to modify it to suit his needs. In this way he was able to save a good deal of money by doing most of the work himself.

website created by Doolang Design

The Windtamer Flame Fortress

If you've got an outdoor cooker, you need the WindTamer Flame Fortress. We did everything for this company. Set up a Wholesale and a Retail shopping cart, including custom programming for html email promotions and more. Improved product design prior to manufacture. Designed logo and complete site including all graphics from scratch. Flash promotional animation concept to completion. Designed, copywrote the Flame Fortress slogan and had the labels printed, business cards, t-shirts, hats, Banners and more.

Yahoo Farm website created by Doolang Design

Yahoo Farm

The Yahoo Farm site was done on a minimal budget for a wonderful recreational farm nestled in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains just outside Atlanta. It's a great place to take the family for fun and to get a pumpkin every October.The entirety of the Yahoo Farm site was the product of Doolang Design. We have also written numerous articles and created many ad campaigns for Yahoo Farm.

website created by Doolang Design

Moon Bughead

If you kick around Moon's home on the web you are sure to get a laugh. For Moon Bughead we set up a low budget sound recording studio and produced several stand-up bits. Doolang also conceived and created numerous Flash animations, based on his comedy, and made multimedia files available for download. We also did extensive custom programming and database design. Including a Flash based shopping cart made in the days when shopping carts were extremely limited and boring.

website created by Doolang Design

The Chandelier Shop

You can't get a better deal on custom chandeliers than from the Chandelier Shop. When I first met the owner of the Chandelier Shop 10 years ago, he didn't know much about the internet, but I told him he didn't need to and that I would build him a site and the orders would come in. And they still are. There was extensive custom programming for this site. The photos were all taken prior to digital and since the orders just keep pouring in, it just hasn't been worth the effort to update them.

website created by Doolang Design

Spring Water Promotions

Design, Layout, Photograhpy, Copy, Programming...we did it all. Spring Water Promotions is your source for Premium Mountain Spring Water with your own private label. Great for promoting companies, parties and weddings.

website created by Doolang Design

CKC Home Repair

If you need home repairs, countertops, vinyl flooring or tile in North Snohomish County he's a good guy. This was a quick design for my brother. Just a simple business card type page so he can be found on the internet.

website created by Doolang Design

RD’s Automotive and Chevette Parts

Real basic design, a few quick photos. If you need Chevette parts this guy has the market cornered.