Logos by Doolang Design

Doolang Design can help you create your logo. I listen to you and work with you to turn your ideas and visions into an appealing symbol that communicates the essence of your organization.

Take a look at this sampling of logos I have done in the past.

My Pet Emergency Center Logo created by Doolang DesignAt My Pet Emergency Center, they really care about the clients pet. I wanted to help them express their love for pets and so I created this stylized heart out of a cute kitty cat and floppy eared dog. Then to express the fact that it is only open at night and on weekends when your regular vet is closed, I used a neon effect on the cross and the name so it had that late night neon signage feel to it, and the cross ties in the emergency medical aspect. It kind of shines like a beacon in the night and helps to take the edge off of the tragedy that brings someone to us.











This flaming logo including the flame effect were designed by Doolang Design to convey the sense that the flame was well protected and contained by the Windtamer.
Animated Logo designed for The Windtamer Flame Fortress by Doolang Design

The Pegasus was an important symbol to the owner of Redtop Taxi, so we turned it into a simple logo that would work with vinyl signs. We also as with everything helped the customer to find the best prices for printing which would be needed on a regular basis.
Redtop Taxi Pegasus Logo designed by Doolang Design

These Logos were created as ad elements to promote products. The “Boo!” logo was used for the Yahoo Farm Hayride which needed to convey that it is cute and fun and not too terribly scary, suitable for the entire family. The other is for Spring Water Promotions which required a generic logo, that invited a person to envision a bottle of water with their own private label on it. The last logo has something in common with the first, they were both designed for 1-color printing, like for a black on white newspaper. You actually need multiple versions of your logo depending on what you are printing on. This Windtamer was used to make t-shirts and was also screen printed in bright flame orange on the face of the Windtamer.
Yahoo Farm Boo logo, designed by Doolang Design. A logo to inspire others to replace it with theirs designed by Doolang Design for Spring Water Promotions. A 1-color logo designed by Doolang Design for The Windtamer.

Artis Living needed a logo that was totemic and playful. It had to say that there is substance here while still communicating the atmosphere was light and playful, and also uniquely aesthetic. This is another simple design that yet combines a great number of elements.
Artis Living Logo designed by Doolang Design, Clay box designed by Brian Somers

Yahoo Farm—the name says it all. So I chose these big puffy silly looking letters to convey that it's soft around the edges, fun and playful not a gritty, hard farm like most: Yahoo Farm is a fun place.

Your logo can appear in many different forms, whether on the TV, in a magazine, as a vinyl sign or decal, a newspaper, a t-shirt, embroidered on a hat, and more. Each medium it appears in has it's own unique requirements and you need a different logo design to derive the greatest impact from each situation. Here is a 4 color print logo done for The Windtamer, to be used in brochures, flyers, business cards. For a higher quality printing, we could actually insert real flames.
The Windtamer Flame Fortress Logo designed by Doolang Design