Labels by Doolang Design

Doolang Design can help you create the ideal label, decal, sticker or signage for your business or product. We know the limits of materials and work with the best and most economical printers in the business. You can be assured of a quality product at a competitive price.

Labels have some great uses. I once made a label for a repair business, every machine that went out of their shop had a service label attached, to make sure they would know who to call. It's a great way to market aftercare. I am full of ideas to help you reach your market cost effectively.

Product labeling requires alot of information presented in a pleasing and useful manner. It also needs to be appropriate for the packaging and it must incorporate a barcode to be acceptable in the modern retail environment. Doolang Design can help you create your product label.

Doolang Design created the graphics to clearly demonstrate why you need the Windtamer for your outdoor cooker. All the information is there to demonstrate the product and show its use. It is eye-catching and direct. This label is approximately 12 inches by 6 inches, adhesive backed press-apply paper label with an aqueous coating and uv protection, .

Yahoo Farm Full Color Ad by Doolang Design