Business Cards by Doolang Design

The days of black and white or 1 and 2 color business cards are over.

Full Photographic Color on both sides is the only thing you should be doing. Due to technological advances the difference in cost is negligible.

There are so many things you can use the back side for: Coupon, Map, Advertisement, Showcasing your work, the list goes on. If none of those ideas appeals to you another great use is Cross Promotion, where you put a related busines on the other side and split the costs, while also promoting each other: Your cards go out to twice as many people.

Doolang Design created these Business Cards in Full Color on Both Sides to help its clients maximize the promotional opportunity presented everytime someone accepts your card.

Nichol is both a Bowen bodywork practitioner and highly involved with Artis Living’s learning-healing experiences, as an artist and a partner. She chose to cross-promote both her businesses, since they were related, with the same card. Now when she hands out a card she is opening up two channels for income instead of one.

Business Card Design for Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST) and Artis Living by Doolang Design

Porter & Porter made double use of the photos acquired for the postcard to create a mini-postcard advertisement business card. On the one side is the problem, on the other side is the solution. These cards are great to give to clients and friends who will gladly hand them out everytime they encounter bad service, as a polite way to suggest they need to improve their customer service.

Business Card Design for Customer Service Boot Camp by Doolang Design

Yahoo Farm used the back side of their card to provide a handy map and a coupon for a free hayride for Grammas. The bright vibrant colors and slick glossy feel grab a persons attention. By extending its usefulness you create a tool that the person can use, not just another card to stick in the rolodex.

Business Card Design for Yahoo Farm complete with Full Color Map on the back side by Doolang Design