Artifacts by Doolang Design

Eager as I am to explore new mediums I have done design work in many areas. Perhaps one of the better reasons to have me on your side is my diversity. I have designed and built houses, gardens, dump trucks, furniture, clothing, cakes and more. The following list is not an offering of what I am capable of. Look at it instead as proof of my extreme diversity. Most of these tasks were undertaken, designed, researched, and built entirely by myself. Often there was no precedent: the events and skills demonstrated, only occurred once.

Dump Truck – I stripped down and rebuilt this dump truck having never even driven one before. It has been used heavily since then and has performed admirably.

Bass Drum Pedal – I designed this for Rock drummers who play from the hip rather than the ankle. This was my first metal working project.

Sculpted Cakes & I have always enjoyed baking, so I combined it with art in this widely spaced series of cakes made for very special occasions.

Bridges – I have actually done a few of these. Each one different than the rest.

More... – and more tasks that defy categarization.