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Sometimes you need more than good copy for a web site or an advertisement. Sometimes you need a story, something sincere and heartfelt. Doolang Design’s very own Warbly Simplton, III has written numerous articles for Yahoo Farm, which are quite enjoyable to read as well as informative.

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Nostalgic Hayrides

It seems that the crisp fall air is finally upon us, and the leaves are starting to turn. This weekend brought us the perfect weather for a nostalgic hayride through breathtaking Yahoo Farm, out on Highway 108, 2.5 miles West of 575. Starting out at the top of the hill under the grand canopy of a giant locust, reminiscent of the savannah scenes of the African plains, I was immediately caught up in a wistful feeling.

Verdant hills rolling away in every direction, the sweet smell of hay, the crisp autumn air and my sweetheart snuggled up next to me as we bumbled along down the old dirt road into the valley, it brought back every wonderful memory of our times together and amplified them. The laughter and wonder in the eyes of the children tickled my soul till I simply had to laugh too. How wonderful to be young and every moment filled with wonder and grand discovery—a brand new amazing adventure every second of the day. How lucky they are to be able to pull so much out of so little.

When do we reach that point that we have seen so much that there is no point in looking anymore? I suppose that is childhood's end. But if they can see it why can't I? I took an autumn leaf and compared it to every leaf I had in memory, and could not find a duplicate. I think the kids are on to something, it truly is a brand new world every moment.

As we rolled along the creek the whispering stream lulled me away to the old swimming hole, running and laughing, taking a refreshing dip in the cool wa ters, seeking the sheltering shade of the trees—a refuge from the hot summer sun. Now the leaves are thinning and the air is cooling, my darling nestling in the warmth beside me. As we come out of the woods another anomaly strikes me—a springtime field of white flowers, the tops of the buckwheat brought to life by this strange spat of weather we've been having.

At times like these it can be hard to tell what season it is, but it sure is beautiful out here at Yahoo Farm. And the staff are so warm and welcoming it is like coming home.

As evening came on, and the moon came out, it was time for the Haunted Hayride to begin. People started arriving in droves, soon the bonfire was going and young and old were all gathered around roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. The Haunted Hayride proved to be a family affair, with people of all ages enjoying the antics of tour guide and local comedian, Moon Bughead as he piloted his wagon through the Haunted Farm. I won't give it away, but it was very fun and entertaining even for 3 year olds. If you are wondering whether it is too scary for your child, here's a simple test: if you say "Boo!" and they start crying, then this ride is not for them, but otherwise they should have a great time.

Yahoo Farm also does special tours for schools, where every child gets a free pumpkin and a hay ride. Hosting for any group event, get together or party is also available if you would like to come out for a private bonfire.

For more information, visit their web site at or call 770-735-3638.

by Warbly Simplton, III



Family Fun at Yahoo Farm

Fall is in the air and the leaves will soon be turning along with our attention. Shortly our minds will be filled with visions of pumpkins, apples and turkeys. It will soon be time to get out and fill your lungs with that cool crisp fall air and let the kids see a little bit of life in the country. One of my favorite places to go is straight up 575 towards Ellijay to Yahoo Farm.

Yahoo Farm about 30 minutes north of Woodstock or 15 minutes north of Canton, just two and a half miles West of 575 on Highway 108. There's a big sign on the west side of 575 at Highway 108 to help you find your way.

Yahoo Farm is always a family favorite and unique in its beauty. If you have never been to Yahoo Farm you are in for a treat. If you have been there before you will be thrilled with all the new adventures that await your wee ones this year. The Jeans family has been very busy over the past year building a new barn, filling it full of animals, creating other new surprises and as always growing pumpkins. Yahoo Farm is a small family farm and is a reminder of what this time of year is all about, a renewal of the spirit, a celebration of all that is good and fun and mostly family. The excitement begins immediately as your youngsters run to pick out a pumpkin and are suddenly distracted by all the animals. This year Yahoo Farm has more animals than ever. Since last year they have built a massive barn and stocked it with an amazing array of critters. There are goats, chickens, ponies, ducks, rabbits, turtles, turkeys and miniature ponies. If you think ponies are cute, wait till you see these absolutely adorable miniature ponies.

The Jeans family has been growing and selling pumpkins at this quaint Jasper farm for over a decade. Every year has seen the addition of something new, but this year they have been busier than ever. If you have ever taken your little ones to a corn maze and gotten lost and tired of endless wandering, then you will really appreciate the all new Amazing Hay Maze. At only 5 feet tall it is custom designed for the wee ones. It has all sorts of twisty corridors and they will have a fun time as they navigate through it and shortly find their way through. Also new this year is the Moon Walk, the old familiar house of bounce where kids take off their shoes and bounce around on a cushion of air.

If you ever wanted a reason to take the kids to the country every weekend in October, here it is: The Sunday Afternoon Pumpkin Hunt. It is free for kids 8 and younger. Yahoo Farm has always striven to create a fun family environment, designed especially for the little ones and this is one of the most wonderful things they have done. Every Sunday in October, bring the kids out to Yahoo Farm and they can participate in the great pumpkin hunt. The Pumpkin bunny has lost her basket of pumpkins and needs the help of the children to find them. They are divided up into age groupings to keep things fair and sent out to scour the field and find a pumpkin which they get to keep. It is an exciting event made ever more exciting by the Pumpkin Bunny. And best of all it is FREE! Bring a picnic lunch with you and afterwards you can enjoy the incredible scenery of one of the most picturesque farms in all of North Georgia as you dine at one of the numerous picnic tables, or just throw a blanket down on the grass.

The Pumpkin Train is a wonderful ride for the kids. Added in recent years, it is a miniature tractor pulling colorfully decorated carts around the barnyard. For your animal loving children a pony ride is in order. This year they have two new ponies with the sweetest gentlest dispositions. Be sure and bring your camera. There will be no shortage of precious moments.

The fun is still not over at Yahoo Farm. The Yahoo Farm hayride is the best and the cheapest I have seen at only $3 per person. It starts out at the top of a grassy knoll in the shade of a huge locust tree, remniscent of the umbrella-like acacia trees of the plains of africa. A slow winding descent down into the valley lulls you with pastoral views. The rolling hills engulf the wagon as it rolls along under a canopy of hickory and tulip poplar. Near the entrance to the pumpkin field you get your first glimpse of Rock Creek which splits the valley floor with its 30 foot swath as it meanders through Yahoo Farm. Near the end of the first field a bridge crossing takes you over the river and deeper into the woods. A sheer hill littered with the tell-tale signs of fall climbs away to the right as the wagon snakes its way back along the opposite side of the stream. Shortly the trail emerges into a breathtaking pasture, surrounded with a wild orchard of paw-paw and muscadine grapes planted ages ago by the Native American Cherokees who once farmed these valleys. I am always amazed at this point that I am anywhere near Atlanta, it seems like a different world, one I would dearly love to stay in. Relish it. At the other end of the field another spectacular river crossing sets you on the return climb out of the valley. The ride lasts about 15 to 20 minutes seated on a cushy bale of hay, with the children captivated and stationary a parent can finally, fully relax themselves. It is always the perfect end to a perfect day.

Before you leave, you will want to get a pumpkin. That's why you came to an actual pumpkin farm, right? The Jeans family grows the pumpkins right there on the farm by themselves. This is a true family farm that has been in operation for over a decade. Every year a wide variety of pumpkins, gourds and even corn is grown in the fields traversed by the hayride. They have delicious pie pumpkins, and if you have never made pumpkin pie from scratch, you are missing out on a delicious treat. Baking a pie can be a fun project in the house, and if you need help with recipes, Yahoo Farm has put up a web site at with all sorts of recipes. Everything from Fresh Pumpkin Pie to Southwestern Pumpkin Soup. Yummy! I enjoy supporting a local farmer and they always make me feel welcome. It is a fun and friendly place.

Friday and Saturday nights in October Yahoo Farm's Haunted Hayride comes to life as the sun goes down. Unlike most haunted houses, this is geared towards family fun, rather than giving your children nightmares. Children of all ages have enjoyed it, and it is entertaining enough for adults. Think Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy. Haunta Claus will be your tour guide through the deep dark woods, as he guides the wagon/sleigh down the twisty path. Along the way there may be a few surprises and that's all I am going to say. The Haunted Hayride is $6 per person and lasts about 15 minutes and is alot of fun. Up top there is a bonfire, for relaxing out under the stars. The Moon Walk and the Amazing Hay Maze are open as well. It starts at dusk with the last ride at 10pm.

For more information call 770-735-3638 or visit their web site at

When you leave Yahoo Farm, you can head up to Ellijay, 15 minutes North, for some apples and a drive in the mountains to see the leaves turning. It is sure to be a day you won't soon forget.

by Warbly Simplton, III