Ads by Doolang Design

Advertisements can go two routes. The most prominent approach is the pie-in-the-sky route where the ad implies it will go beyond anything known to man. Of course it doesn't, but the important thing to most companies is that you bought the product, whether you should have or not, whether it performs or not. The other method is to honestly convey the aspects of the product so that the consumer understands their needs are met and does not feel duped upon purchasing. I take the latter route.

Take a look at this sampling of Advertisements I have done in the past.

This ad combines maximum information in minimum space while still maintaining clarity. Several free things are given away, a map with directions is provided, Phone number, hours, web site address, and a listing of events and activities. Several logos are combined to convey a sense of fun and excitement, and finally the happy pumpkin seal of approval.

Yahoo Farm Full Color Ad by Doolang Design

Here the same ad has been rendered in Black and White for use in a newspaper, yet it still retains all the essential elements and doesn't suffer for lack of color.

Black and White advertisement for Yahoo Farm designed by Doolang Design

The Windtamer required small black and white ads for numerous publications.

Windtamer ad designed by Doolang Design  Windtamer ad designed by Doolang Design