More Artifacts by Doolang Design

The objects on display are by no means exhaustive, but rather representive of a broad repertoire, that knows few limits and hopes to know fewer. I believe design should extend into every aspect of life: the more beautiful your life, the more enjoyable it is to live.

I love to design and create things. It's very easy to enlist my help in designing just about anything new or interesting. If you would like a quick sketch of an idea to see what might be possible, that's an easy way to get going. It doesn't require a big commitment for either party.

This quick sketch is as far as Flower Gate got. The design was desired, but never built. It would have been about 24 feet wide and 8 or 9 feet tall. The final design would have been more ornate. But the quick sketch was what we started with.

Steel Flower Gate by Doolang Design

This quilt block is the first quilt block I ever made and the only one I have a photo of.

Tulip Quilt Block by Doolang Design

I also design in food. Fruit trays, many things can be made artful.

Prawn Salad by Doolang Design